Wednesday, December 5, 2012

World Forum update: It all started back in May......

Cindy Liendo Espinoza introduced this item on May 21, 2012. Mr. Hector Vargas spoke at the meeting.    

Liendo indicated that she put the item on the agenda because it was brought (pitched) to her by Logistics Intl who contacted her (item co-sponsored by Salinas and Narvaez) The plan, she said, was to hold the first World Forum, with “CEOS, PHDS and people of great importance in the world of logistics”.  She added that “they expect about 500 participants staying four or 5 nights”.  
Following is a highlight of the ensuing conversation, Vargas spoke in Spanish and the following is a combination of paraphrasing and translation.
Hector Vargas of Laredo Intl Logistics was then asked to speak.
Liendo : Mr. Vargas,  how much is this going to cost  the city?
HV:  Really, the event will be self-financed. There is no expected cost to the city.   
Mayor: clarify that please 
HV:  the event will be self-financed. But, we will need some “advance” which as far as we are concerned is not a ‘cost”.  He called an event of international exposure for Laredo to keep Laredo’s position in international trade.  He said he thought it was a very important event.  
Liendo:  you say you need a percentage for start up but what is that fixed amount? 
HV:  Well, it’s a years worth of work not just 2 months. We will work hard to put this event on, so it’s a lot of work. 
CV:   We had spoken and you had mentioned 20,000 dollars, or for example 25,000 dollars. But with those 25,000 dollars we will find out if this going to happen correct?  
HV: Correct, well we need to look at the document but yes that sounds about right. 
CV  Also, May would not be a good month because of the hot weather 
HV:   Really, for us there is no problem to hold it later on. It doesn’t have to be May, it will give us more time. This is just a question of when it’s convenient to the city.  
CV (to council) I recommend that you give me $25,000 and maybe later on another $5,000 and then have them come back in lets say 3 months and report back. 
Gullible Council: “So moved, all those in favor….AYE” motion passes!


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  1. Gullible Council? They only act stupid they know exactly what they're doing and how to play it out in front of the cameras.

    They know exactly who's pulling their strings on this one.