Tuesday, December 25, 2012

McDonald's computers detract kids from play area

As if the food wasn't already junky enough: The McDonald's on Saunders was recently remodeled and one of the changes was to equip the kid's area with several computer screens. As could be expected, now, the playarea is practically abandoned as the kids can all be found sitting around playing video games or whatever it is they do there.

Last night, as I drove past, I noticed one heroic kid still climbing and moving around while about 8 other kids languidly sat at the video screens. Bad Move, McDonald. Today's kids already get enough video games and not enough exercise.

 I say remove the screens and let the kids get some exercise for a change.

Parent: Yes, that'll be a 32oz Coke, mega-fries and a double cheesburger deluxe with extra cheese and when it's ready, just take it over to where the new computer games are -we'll be waiting.  


  1. It is oxymoronish to take your kids to McDonalds for a "workout."

    How about kick them out of the house and make them play outside, no computers, no real toys, just their imaginations.

    Now that would be a workout.

  2. Yes, I agree. No one's suggesting to take kids to MickeyD's for a workout, but it was the only positive oasis in a junky-food setting, now, even that is being sidelined by the video age.

    That's a sad sign of the times, not too many kids out playing.

  3. Obamacare will take care of everyone anyway.