Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Years in the making, City Ethics Code practically dismantled by Garza

Showing little respect for the hard work of Chairman Michael Zuniga and the other members of the city's ad hoc ethics committee, city council member Mike Garza and other city officials took out their self-serving scalpels and proceeded to decimate a good portion of the ethics code.

From the very beginning, Garza had the $150 individual gift maximum lifted to $250. Garza asserted that this would bring it in line with state law. Perhaps the previous maximum ($150) would not be enough to secure some Spurs tickets.

The local news sources have had little coverage on the ethics document itself. The text of the proposed document was available on the city's website under "full agenda packet"-but that was before Garza took a knife to it.

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  1. Let's ask him to resign. What has VIDA ever done besides pontificate on the stand anyways?