Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Laredoans wake up to no new dumped tires post

File photo from BTB's voluminous dumped tires archives

With Laredo's blogging colosal, BTB, still on hiatus, many Gateway City residents woke up without their usual Tuesday morning "dumped tires" thread.  Reportedly, a group of readers have even started to wager on the part of town from which the latest photo will originate. Of course, it's mostly the West side, but those familiar with the area get into specific barrios or even streets.  Usually, Los Amores, El Trece, Las Canta Ranas are among some the barrios repeatedly mentioned.

In the meantime, BOLAS has been looking into citing BTB and LaredoTejas for dereliction of duty. As mentioned before, BTB has taken a vacation of sorts while LT's posts have recently been minimal at best. La Sanbe, in the meantime, continues in its juggernaut role as Laredo's Most Impressive Blog.

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