Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seedy council to vote on watered-down code of ethics

One of the items on the agenda for Monday's seedy council meeting is a vote on the proposed code of ethics.  From about 2006 to 2009, an ad-hoc ethics committee worked many hours to put together this code. In 2009, they turned in their work to the city council only to have them sit on it until recently. During the last couple of months VIDA convinced the current council to put the matter back on the agenda and reactivate the ad hoc committee into action.

A few weeks later, the committee has finished its work. On orders from the mayor, seedy council, and the city manager's office, they made some modifications that, for the most part, are more liberal in what city officials can legally do.

One of the things that was so important to council and staff was their annual all-expenses paid trips to Washington DC and Austin, Texas. Therefore, they made sure the new code allows for such donations.  Last year, the city leaders managed to get over $100,000 from private interests to finance their whirlwind tours.  This was their way of getting away from the scrutiny of the taxpayers. They figured if they could get their buddies to put up the dough, they could have increasingly lavish trips for increasingly larger groups. Incredibly, last year's trip to DC was enjoyed by a whoppping 42 travelers. Now that's an entourage.

Ethics-Smethics is the apparent response of the mayor, seedy council and staff. First class travel all the way.


  1. Rumor is that VIDA is going to call for Councilman Charlie San Miguel to resign tonight.....

  2. We could just pay for the travel out of city coffers. Oh wait, then they are mis using city money. They could just drive there, stay in some crappy hotel and eat McDonald's. That would portray our city in the appropriate shitty image that you have of it. Damn these guys can't win. How would you propose they pay for these trips? Or should we just sit on the sidelines and do nothing? As you know money just magically appears for whatever needs we have. City business just magically happens without making any connections right? Since you never answered how much managers should make perhaps you propose some specifics as to how these trips should be financed.
    In life there are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. I think I know which bucket you live in. By the way I don't expect a meaningful response from you since you never answered me on the salaries that the city manager and assistants should be earning. Have another miserable day.

  3. Que Lloron. Maybe you can start your one blog that way you can praise the seedy council all you want. Nice way of resorting to shitty language -as you put it. I'd have the city use taxpayer money and have only a few people go. Maybe you could tag along if that's what you're shooting for. Obviously I'm not here to answer any of your questions but you're welcome to continue your "miserable" rants on here, I'm sure some find it entertaining. Also, nice old trite cliches by the way. Thanks for reading and for your comments. Come on now PIO is this you again? Actually, had a pretty nice day. Don't worry I think the city offers Anger Management classes for folks like you. See, the city does do some good things once in a while


  4. Im not praising anyone I'm just presenting the obvious other side which apparently you don't understand. You are not here to answer my questions because that requires thought. You think "seedy council" is so clever. Who should conduct city business if not for elected officials? By your logic no one but Jesus himself should be in office. You can redirect all you want but the simple fact is that you CAN'T answer any of my questions because you have no answers. What is so miserable about my posts? Is it that I don't agree with the original blog? Believe me if everyone agreed with the blog we wouldn't be having this wonderful dialogue which clearly shows my intellectual superiority.

  5. Hijo de 'su, Good one! Misplaced arrogance to boot. I did answer your question by the way. I said I'd have just a few go to Austin/Washington and have the taxpayers pay instead of taking donations from the private sector and be subjected to their influence.

    Que Paso? did you overlook that in your haste to spew some more hatred around. For info: "Seedy council" tested off the charts right next to "McAllen is eating our lunch".

    If you're so smart anyway then why resort to personal attacks: "apparently you don't understand", "you think seedy council is so clever" "you have no answers" plus the best one of all about your "intellectual superiority".

    I keep asking if you're the PIO because her rants were also similarly crude and uncreative. You won't answer and keep hiding behind "anonymous". Is there one of you, two? three? There cant be 3 people I guess.

    And, Yes, I think Jesus would make a good public leader as a matter of fact.

    I know I'm lowering my usually-impeccable standards (two can play the conceited game) in responding to you but it's a slow blogging day around the Laredo blogosphere and like you say- I gotta say how the other side thinks once in a while.

    P.S. I'll send you an appplication to MENSA- or are you already a member? Thanks for the comedy but you're comments are becoming kinda stale. I think it's called writer's block. Maybe you can take a class for that right after you come out of your anger management session. Look at the bright side, at least you have a good self-image: Superior Intelligence- Hijo de su! Ha.
    Thanks for the comment(s).

  6. My comments are stale? Judging by the comments section of this blog I am the only one reading and responding. Your rants are always the same. No specifics just a few, they get paid too much, etc...

    And those are not personal attacks they are conclusions based on the point of view you present. I don't know you and I certainly didn't think you were so sensitive. It's just that if you are going to put thoughts out there you don't want all like minded people responding do you? Otherwise what's the point.

    And there is no hate from me. I am asking questions that you simply can not or will not answer. I am trying to understand your point of view so I ask questions. I didn't think you were so sensitive. I mean I realize that your head must explode reading the other two commenters who agree with your posts. You know the ones who delight in rehashing the seedy council bit.

    And I too agree that Jesus would make a great public leader but that was not the point. YOU would ONLY have Jesus as a public leader because all others are "seedy," or "shady," or whatever clever names you claim test off the charts. I have a friend who thinks the same way you do and when I ask him who we should put in office he never has an answer either. Quick to judge but slow to provide legitimate alternatives. Sound familiar?

    Finally, thanks for the anger management recommendations but the last thing I am in life is angry. That was a nice try to deflect from the real conversation. You might want to take up another hobby since you apparently don't handle criticism very well.

    And to answer your question I am not the PIO.

  7. What can I say, I am going through sensitivity training classes and I guess I'm acing the course. I told you "seedy council" tested off the charts, even after rehashing.

  8. I beg to differ that Laredo Tejas is not a well-read blog. The entire stance of having LT try to answer questions clouds the fact of the original point being made: that questioning the city's leaders' ethics is of the utmost importance.

    Anyone who has lived in Laredo (outside of Xochitl Mora, who is from Cotulla), knows that there are certain kickbacks and perks associated from being in the upper echelons of city/county government. Whether they be trips to Washington, DC for an entourage of people or box seats for a San Antonio Spurs game, the fact that private money is mixed in with what is supposed to be public trust that does not sit well.

    As per the famed Washington, DC travel, it is hard to argue--unless one is the Public Information Officer of Laredo--that the dozens of people that make the trip are all relevant to the sole purpose of visiting the nation's capital and its leaders. And, if that point is understood, then it is not too far a stretch of the imagination to recognize a conflict of interest might soon materialize down the road between the city leaders and the those who donate $ to the public coffers.

    I realize some folks might be inclined to give these Seedy Leaders carte blanche just based solely on the fact that they were elected into office. But, more and more people are now questioning them, which, in my opinion is a good thing.

  9. Questioning city leaders is fine. Just ask intelligent questions. The bloggers rants are tired. Also, beg to differ all you want on whether the blog is well read or not. Fact is that most comments respond to my challenge of the bloggers premises. Otherwise each post has one or two comments. Fact is this is a boring, tired blog and the proof is the fact that only other bloggers seem to defend this one. It's not as creative as the "dumped tire" theme. Really progressive that one.

  10. and yet these blog critics who write that blogs are boring come back . . .