Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mayor's soon-to-be Ex-wife files for Dist. 7 race

It looks like the Laredo city council district VII race just got a little bit more interesting. Yolanda Salinas, whose divorce from mayor Raul Salinas should be finalized by October, has announced that she is seeking the seat currently being held by Jorge Vera.

Ms. Salinas is the third candidate to announce for the city elections in November. Previously, UISD board president Pat Campos announced she will seek the district V seat being vacated by Johnny Rendon. Shortly thereafter, Roque Vela Jr. also announced for the same seat.

No word yet if the mayor plans to resign.


  1. Keep the "Pendejadas" in the family...que no?

  2. That might suggest to the community in general, a person who has had the opportunity to help people in need with a myriad of resources available for six years, is going to do now? For six years this character has had the opportunity to engage in active community and make a difference for the city of Laredo as the supposed” first lady” of the city, as she calls herself so emphatically. According to her expressions, she has been active in the community helping need people or social causes, well, that is been usually only do it through an exclusively activities related to Laredo high society. I have never seen her on a poor “Colonias” health fair, or job fairs. I have seen her either involved in community groups, where through the influence the she had available as suppose “first lady”, she put her resources available to those group. However, she get away of buying QVC stuff on her couch, if is about social events, always looking for a front page or a photo. He can be seen also in the Washington parade activities and other social events. This shows, that most of this time has only been about her own interest, highlight the opportunity for gain public recognition for her own ego.
    Being a community leader is more far beyond wear a hat, leads in most of the time is be the anonymous hero, where the front page of a social magazine or newspaper, photo or high society recognition has no place.
    On the other hand I hope this character, which is vital for their survival apparently public recognition, have the will and strength to endure when people start out to spotlight many details that might ruin the view of such an excellent human self, woman and calling it as a Christian person. Definitely what could not be highlighting the best qualities that must have a person who aspires to being in a public positions need to have. I remind you again Ms. Salinas, that false appearances are not a good friend when you aspire to have that public recognition. Hopefully you've actually nominated by the best intentions of helping the community and not for trying to rescue egocentrism of exposure, which you do not enjoy at this moment. Actually now you will have the opportunity to see the antipathy that you enjoy between Laredo citizens.
    Alluding to the supposed lessons learned during the two alleged that campaigns that had run for Mr. Mayor, I firmly believe he had won not by 66% but 85% if he don’t had the antipathy that citizens of Laredo feels for you as his shadow. Unfortunately it has had to bear all this time.
    Certainty is very curios that you mention the experience that you has of allegedly managed two successful campaigns of the mayor, but does not mention the defeat to get only a 15% handled the campaign of Mr. Shami Farouk. Finally I remind you Ms. Salinas that when you act with malice aforethought in this world, here is paid. Hopefully, your price is not very high. I wish you the best luck of world, definitely you’ll needed.

  3. I'll vote for the hat, but that's it. :P

  4. I think her little chihuahueƱo can do a better political job.