Wednesday, August 15, 2012

As Popeye would say: "What a coincidinks!"

No, it's not a bordertown version of Ripley's Believe it or Not, it's an actual news story from the Laredo Morning Times.

Excertped from The Laredo Morning Times

The next Webb County facilities director named to the job by commissioners Monday is a nephew of Uni-Trade Forwarding owner Eduardo Garza, a generous contributor to local political campaigns.

County commissioners selected Gilberto Garza to fill the vacant director position at the facilities department after conducting interviews with him and two other candidates.

Gilberto Garza said his relationship to his uncle had nothing to do with his selection.

“Everything I did, I went through a process,” he said.

“I submitted an application, I met the minimum qualifications, I responded based on my knowledge and my experience.”

Garza said he is grateful to have the opportunity to lead the department and that his uncle was not involved in his hiring.

“He is one thing and I am another thing,” he said.

Since June 2010, Garza has worked as an administrative assistant at the City of Laredo finance department.
( City of Laredo officials are recipients of Garza's political contributions)
Before that, he worked for six years as a site supervisor at Laredo Accurate Inspections Inc. (
Is this the same company that is owned by Mr. Unitrade Garza?)
Advertisements for the position included a requirement of five years as a facilities and maintenance director, of which two must have been in a supervisory capacity.

Commissioners passed on two other candidates, Javier Mendoza and Lourdes Paras-Jasso.

As operations manager and president of Mendoza Maintenance Group, Mendoza has handled maintenance contracts with entities including Dallas and Williamson counties.

Paras-Jasso has worked as a facilities officer at Laredo Independent School District since 2004.
Eduardo Garza donated at least $5,000 to County Judge Danny Valdez during his last run for office.

He donated $500 to Tijerina during the campaign for her court seat in 2006. 
(La estan regando, ya ni le tratan de despistar los sinverguenzas!)


  1. No despiste at all.

    By the way, way to put the nose to the grindstone en la mananita!

  2. Puro quid pro quo.

    Asking our county leaders to be more subtle is too much to ask for, I guess.

  3. I guess subtlety does take some intelligence so there's your explanation: no brains, no subtlety.

    Hey BTB, When is the mayor going to make a speech next to a pile of old discraded "llantas"? That's probably the only place he hasn't had a photo op at.


  4. One can hope to catch El Alcalde pontificating in front of some old, used tires!

  5. Why do Laredoans stand for this? Anyone?

  6. Shit, better question, why hasn't Laredo been annexed by Mexico? Politics along the border are like the edges of fajita? Pura grasa that can come right off.

  7. I guess the Commissioners only wanted to hire the applicant with the minimum requirements. Lets not look at those that have more than the minimum requirements. That have the experience and knowledge to do the job. Lets hire a kid instead.

  8. Laredo Accurate Inspections is Charlie San Miguel's Company. Search "laredo accurate" here Of course, San Miguel works for Uni-Trade owner Eduardo Garza.

    I'd be willing to bet that there is no hard proof (W2 forms, employee quarterly payroll taxes, etc. to prove that Gilberto Garza worked for laredo accurate inspections for the length of time required for the minimum qualifications.

    Also, I did not hear anyone mention that Gilbeto Garza's wife works for Judge Danny Valdez as a secretary.

    Organize and get voters because Eduardo Garza does just that and its working.

  9. Danny knows he's on the way out and better pay his debts so la chusma doesn't come after him. When you are get sloppy. Another good one is Mr. Pine gonzalez who retired from the county is now going to work of mr Martin Cuellar. It's the cess pool of Laredo.

  10. Very interesting follow-up on this last night at the council meeting. A gentleman by the name of Mendez or Mendoza spoke after Hector Farias and referred to Mr. Garza's application with the county. Apparently this guy's brother applied and didn't get the job. A copy of the application is on vida's webite. Its' amazing that proof of this funny business is right in front of everyone's nose and nobody cares.

  11. Here is all the proof that is needed. Read it for your self, which application did he lie on the city or the county either way he is a liar and should resign or be fired.