Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rush Limbaugh unknowingly admits own views

I'm sorry to admit that once in a while, I do find myself listening to Mr. Blimpy himself, El Rushbo.  Today was one of those times. I guess I felt like having a few laughs or something. Well, in talking about the US Public in general, the Maja-Rushee apparently admitted his own true feelings.

The conservative de-facto leader said something along the lines of "They are entirely happy having an uneducated, ignorant bunch of people out there listening to them".  How el Rushbo managed not to bite off his tongue is beyond me.  Limbaugh's statement perfectly fits the situation with his listeners, a reported 6 million who keep listening and believing most of what he spews on a daily basis.  Yes, I would entirely understand how "They" (Limbaugh and the radio magnates) would be entirely happy having a mostly uneduated and oft times ignorant audience (yours truly not included).

How else can you explain Limbaugh's multi-million dollar rake in year after year?

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