Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Old Federal building to become new city council chambers?


Last week, LaredoTejas posted on the fact that the old federal building directly in front of Jarvis Plaza has been ceded to the City of Laredo. Some people commenting on that particular post suggested that perhaps this could be an ideal opportunity to establish a museum that actually looks like a museum.

Not so, while watching our beloved city council last week, I noticed that councilman Mike Garza commended city manager Carlos Villarreal on securing the facilities from the Feds and at the same time indicated that, perhaps by next month, "we'll be holding our meetings there".  So much for the museum idea. Instead, it appears that the city council will get a new place to conspire work from.


  1. A bigger throne room from which to spread wisdom and rule to the people, says the King.

  2. spread wisdom? Spread someting allright.