Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Laredo ISD not making trustee meetings videos available anymore

Laredo ISD Superintendent Marcus Nelson

July, 2012 was the last Laredo Independent School District Board of trustees meeting video that was made available to the public. Since then, the agendas and board packets have continued to be posted, as before, but the videos have been excluded.

This does not look good in the digital age of the internet that has made the dissemination of public information ever easier. Instead, Laredo ISD has apparently decided to take the anit-transparency fork in the road by failing to continue to make the videos of the meetings available to the public.

The editorial board of LaredoTejas hopes that our city's oldest school district sees it fit to renew the practice of making all videos of its Board of Trustees meetings available for all to see- as they were.


  1. Has LISD commented why they stopped posting?

    With enough interest i think the board will voluntarily do the right thing.

    Do we need a watchdog group to be in their faces recording all meetings and posting the recording to youtube?

  2. So far, I have not heard anything on why the stopped posting. LT welcomes any feedback from LISD and strongly suggests that they simply do the right thing and post the videos again-like they had been doing.