Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"On air, online and now on your mobile device" Y pa'que?

Hijo de su, como ponen gorro con "On air, online and now on your mobile device". OK, so tienen todas esas maneras para comunicar con la gente pero no dicen nada! Las mismas "noticias" de un dia al otro. Con razon le dicen la "3-minute news" porque depues de los primeros tres minutos, el mismo borlote!

OK, me tengo que ir, no quiero fallar al payaso del Tim Gutierrez.


  1. It wouldn't be so bad if one person did it during each newscast, but every person does it after each story.

    If they're going to be online and on my mobile device, I expect hourly updates. It can be shots of them combing their hair, I don't care.

    Last week they didn't post all their stories on their website.

  2. And of course, they never post the mayor's weekly interview -which is of course, scripted.

  3. I'm a big fan of both laredotejas and la sanbe. I appreciate the role you play in informing the public. I read the blogs almost daily and ya'll do a great job in exposing things the mainstream media can't or won't. and yes, some of the things you talk about also annoy me. By-the-way, thanks for the shout out. My daddy always told me that no publicity is bad publicity, unless you murder someone, hurt a child or difraud the public. Again, thanks for keeping it honest. El Mero Mero Payaso. Tim Gutierrez.

  4. Thanks for you comment Timo- nice suntan by the way. You must've been going for the racoon look.