Friday, October 5, 2012

LMT finally reports of city nepotism lawsuit

From Friday's Laredo Morning Times

A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Laredo and Councilman Charlie San Miguel, claiming alleged violation of the City Charter’s nepotism clause.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, cites San Miguel’s two sons, Carlos and Roberto San Miguel, and their admittance to the fire academy.

The plaintiff, Gerry Garcia, states that Mayor Raul Salinas, City Manager Carlos Villarreal, City Attorney Raul Casso and Fire Chief Steve Landin were aware of the fire cadets’ close relation to the councilman.

The charter states that no member of the council, city board or commission shall appoint someone within three degrees of direct relation to a city position.

The lawsuit adds that city official’s behavior “is typical of the patron system that has continued to be pervasive of the City of Laredo, political and governing system.”

City Attorney Raul Casso, in a letter last month, wrote that San Miguel’s sons are not subject to the nepotism clause because Laredo firefighters’ collective bargaining agreement with the city does not address nepotism.

The City Charter does not, by name, address the fire and police departments.

The plaintiff is requesting San Miguel’s sons be dismissed from the academy and that San Miguel and the city officials be removed from office for alleged violation of the City Charter.

Garcia’s attorney, Sergio “Keko” Martinez, could not be reached for comment.

On Monday, City Council voted unanimously to formally request a City Council nepotism prohibition from the police and fire civil service commission in its civil service rules.

San Miguel withheld his vote.

See the lawsuit documents at :


  1. Very interesting. Like it or not we'll have a final answer regarding the nepotism law in the city charter. I hope they don't settle. This needs to be taken to final judgment. Who were the two next people on the fire fighter list? Shouldn't they be suing too for a job?

    1. I know one of the applicants who was next on the list, as well never advised of the status of application.He later found out that he was cut from the list due to all the positions have being filled.

  2. Your friend has standing to sue because he would have the job right now if not for the nepotism violation. Advise him to have a no obligation talk with the lawyer of his choice. Sergio "Keko" Martinez is the attorney that sued Charlie San Miguel and the city of Laredo for nepotism.

    1. Yes he should, how can our city officials and the fire department allow this to happened they caused two applicants the opportunity to become fire cadets.

  3. Another local public figure that should be investigated is Judge Ramiro Veliz Jr. and his son Ramiro Veliz III. The judge's son Veliz III is a lieutenant as a constable and now he was appointed a UISD SCHOOL BOARD Member. He only holds a Associates Degree in Criminal justice without having any prior experience in education. Do we want people like this to make school decisions that affect our children? They should investigate more cases like that in Laredo so we may clean this town from people like San Miguel and put well prepared scholars into those public administration positions.