Friday, October 12, 2012

City-Lisd pending sale: Taxpayers selling to themselves?

OK so the civic center currently belongs to the "city" and might be sold to LISD.  As you know the "city" is actually the public, aka taxpayers. So the taxpayers are thinking of selling the civic center to "LISD"- isn't that the same taxpayers (unless you live in UISD)?

Well anyway too early for this type of brainbuster. Here's an excerpt from Laredo Morning Times.

LISD trustees approved appropriating $16 million in funds Thursday to the potential Laredo Civic Center purchase as negotiations between the district and the city remain ongoing.

The funds will be taken out of the Laredo Independent School District’s unassigned fund balance.

The district is considering the facilities to house a performing arts center and centralized administrative offices.

“We are very excited to continue the conversation about purchasing the civic center,” said A. Marcus Nelson, LISD superintendent.

“Our board has clearly shown a definite interest in the purchase.

Now, we are just at a point where we need to make sure we do things the right way in checking all the specifics of this type of purchase.

There are lots of things that need be ironed out.”

The appropriation of funds for the potential purchase does not indicate, however, that the price has been finalized, district officials said.

LISD must come to terms first with the city.

The board would then be able to take action to approve the purchase.

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  1. Now comes the push for a new convention center. Look for the name Nunoz to become more spoken. Look for the city to want to build it downtown.