Friday, October 19, 2012

Highest compliment: "It's doesn't seem like you're in Laredo"

It's a pretty common compliment nowadays. If you happen upon a very attractive spot secluded somewhere in or around the Gateway City, people usually express their amazement by stating simply "It's like you're not in Laredo" or something to that effect.

Just this morning, that exact sentiment was conveyed this morning on KLNT 1490's morning news show with Richard Noriega.  During a clip featured on the show, we hear some golfer who just played the new Max A. Mandel course expressed the "You don't think you're in Laredo" line.

The fact that statements like these are used as compliments draws on the assumption that the prevailing opinion is that Laredo is not that nice of a place at all. Therefore, by saying that something
is not "like Laredo" (bad/negative) means that it's therefore, something good/ positive.

As far as the golf course goes, what doy you expect for $6.6 Million?  


  1. Wait, the golf course is open already? o_O

  2. That's what they say. Robert Trent Jones said it was a great place for Laredo to enjoy "the people's game".

  3. That statement is an ouch listening chamber, city hall, it beckons a response.

  4. Its practically as far as Timbuktu and you do have to get past the thousands of tractor trailers on Mines Road so it may very well feel like its outside the city limits. While I don't play golf I think the new course will attract businessmen that frequent country clubs and golf courses to Laredo. This could create jobs, stimulate the economy and increase the tax base. These things are not easily traceable and so the course will likely lose money for many years. 6.6 million is a lot of money but the city has wasted much more on much less.

  5. Agree with last post. Here in SA, we have been witness to 2 golf closures due to money loss. Pecan Valley and NW golf courses. I don't see people climbing the walls in anxiety trying to get to a golf course that is SOOOOO out of the way.