Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Taco Bell fires employee Lickety Split

USA Today is reporting that the infamous Taco Bell "licker" has already been fired, along with the person who took the photo of him licking a tall stack of taco shells. Apparently, they wasted no time in deciding to fire him. You could say it was done lickety-split.

From USA Today

Now, it's the Taco Bell employee who is taking a licking.

The nation's largest Mexican fast food chain says that a Taco Bell franchisee has suspended -- and "is in the process of terminating" -- the restaurant employee whose photo showing him licking a stack of empty taco shells went viral earlier this week. The person who took the photo no longer works for Taco Bell.

The photo caused a serious public relations headache for Taco Bell earlier this week. Red-faced Taco Bell executives had to try to explain to a skeptical public the circumstances behind the embarrassing photo. On Monday, the franchisee informed Taco Bell corporate that both employees were no longer with Taco Bell.

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