Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Five minutes with Fox: Auditions for FOX continue at IRS hearings

Tea Partiers bask in the limelight on Fox News

Fox News is keeping close watch on the ongoing IRS hearings that are supposed to find out to what extent the Tea Party was "targeted" during their application for tax-exempt status. Specifically, they have been applying for 501 (c)4 status, which actually maintains such an organization's activities must be exclusively for social-welfare purposes. The word exclusively was replaced with primarily way back during the Eishenhower administration and thus has led to the current melee.

In watching Fox News for a mere 5 minutes this morning, a Tea Party lady was obviously auditioning to be on Fox News and I'm pretty sure she'll be on Fox by tonight, probably on the Sean Hannity show.  Her main complaint was that she their (she and her husband) application was targeted because it contained the words Tea Party. Note that in cases such as these, the word Party designates a political party, which is specifically forbidden by the original IRS law. Of course, that fact escapes the entire scandal-hungry Fox network.

 Update: It looks like I'm behind the curve here, it looks like this lady's already making the rounds of Fox.


  1. They likes a scandal, even if there isn't one.

  2. Tea Party Drama Queens- they still got their applications approved- which rightfully shouldn't have been approved because, of course, they're 100 percent political.

  3. I guess they should be targeting Party City pretty soon according to your self serving logic. You actually don't think this is a problem? You must not make much money or not care if people with power have the resources to look into your activities.

  4. Los llorones del Tea Party no quieren valer.