Friday, February 1, 2013

Outsiders to swoop in and destroy Casa Blanca Wetlands with Laredo city council's blessings

Soon Coming to a Wetland near you!

According to, Laredo Town Center LP is a Dallas-based company and has plans to buy off 88.9 acres of land that include the Casa Blanca Wetlands, one of the few lush, natural oasis to be found for miles and miles. At Monday's Laredo City council meeting, the outsiders will be one step closer to buying and eventually destroying a beautiful part of Laredo, and all with the blessing of the Laredo City council.

Although many Laredoans showed up to speak against this sale at the January 22nd city council meeting, and although hundreds mores have raised their voices against the council's selling out, all indications are that the sale is practically "a done deal".  This is despite the fact that not one single laredoan has come out in support of allowing Laredo Town Center to buy and bulldoze our wetlands.  Not surprisingly, anti-environmentalists such as Mayor Salinas and recently-elected city councilman Roque Vela are about the only ones who have come out publicly in support of the ill-conceived plan to eradicate this lush part of Lake Casablanca.



  1. Hmm, one failed project after another and they're going to pass this anyway?

    Show me a successful 5th Bridge, Downtown, El Portal, Plaza Theatre, Uni-Trade Stadium, LEC, and maybe I would support their stance. But I'm asking for too much aren't I?

  2. I saw and heard Councilman Narvaez trying to gather support for the sale. He was asking people to go to the meeting to speak for the sale.

  3. Get over it already people against the sale are a bunch of cry babies. As a matter of fact they should get the names of all these people that are against this project and when its done we dnt want their asses there!!!