Monday, February 11, 2013

Incident of possible corruption rings a campana

Keyrose today wrote about some eerie similarities in regards to ongoing scrutiny of US Senator Robert Melendez and some local stories of possible shenanigans.

 As La Sanbe's editor in chief implied, in a way you could fill in your own blanks.

Exerpted from The New York Times (blanks added for your use)

_________ has broadly rejected any suggestion that his official actions have been driven by an effort to favor __________ a wealthy ____________ who has repeatedly flown the   ______ on his private plane and has donated thousands of dollars to support __________________as well as Mr. ________’s re-election campaign.
“Nobody has bought me, No. 1. Nobody. Never,” ___________ said in an interview late last week with Univision, the Spanish-language news station. “In the ___ years that I have been in ______, never has it been suggested that this could even be possible.”
The relationship between __________ and the ________ has drawn scrutiny in recent weeks as Mr. __________ has taken over the _____________ Committee.
Uncanny similarities? You decide.

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  1. Shockingly similar! Ethics rules should be designed to prevent the money and gifts from doing the talking when it comes to asking for projects that are funded with the public's money. Its disgusting.