Sunday, April 14, 2013

City breaks $100 Thousand dollar mark on trip to DC

It looks like the city has become increasingly brazen in their continued taxpayer-funded junkets to Austin and Washington DC.  The Laredo Morning Times reports that the city broke the $100K mark this time around.  Nice fringe benefits wouldn't you say?

The following is NOT an actual City of Laredo memo but for all intents and purposes, it might as well be one.

City of Laredo, Texas USA
Department of Free Trip Planning 

Dear fellow Department Head 

With the new year comes a renewed opportunity for us to travel at the taxpayer’s dime.  Also, we can solicit funds from private donors many of whom have contracts with us.  This has the added value of increasing the likelihood that all of us will stand to get some pretty impressive gifts throughout the year.  

As you know, we have been expanding the number of people who join us in these lavish vacations to our state and national capitols.  Please feel free to extend an invitation to the top members  of your department. Most taxpayers could care less and those who do cannot really do anything to stop us.  

Let’s see if we can break the record number of those in our entourage as well as the amount of money that we squander up there.  The more, the merrier! Remember, this is not costing any of us one red dime.

Viva Laredo !

Thank You and maybe next time you can all bring your significant others


  1. Chale says, if you don't like it too freaking bad! Next year he will spend $200,000 just because he can. What are the citizens of Laredo going to do? Mobilize and ask for his resignation? Yeah right! We will just vent in the blogs and watch him get a perfect evaluation from council. I smell a pay raise a coming! Lol

  2. he's probably getting a raise as we speak.


  3. I guess you guys were right. He got almost a $40,000 raise. You know what's next ....the Assistants need a raise too. Parity! LMFAO we are so pathetic.