Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eagle Ford Shale: Higher Education be damned!

"College?......I no need no stinking college!"

The Laredo Morning Times is reporting on a development at United ISD that will essentially train local high school students for immediate jobs in the oil patch.

The good news is that this will probably allow entry-level oil & gas employees to work smarter and safer. The other side of the coin is : why let the oil and gas industry spend any money on training their future employees when the taxpayers can do it for them?  Oh, that and don't bother with going to college- you have any extra time on your hands and......when the boom is over- adios, hope you saved your money.

From the Laredo Morning Times

The Eagle Ford Shale is credited for creating thousands of jobs in South Texas.

UISD is set to implement a program next school year to prepare its students for the growing workforce needs of the regional oil and gas boom.

The first of its kind in the state, United Independent School District’s oil and gas academy would educate high school students in the oil and gas industry and eventually supply them with certificates that would make them more employable in that field.

On Wednesday, UISD trustees unanimously approved implementing the program. It is slated to begin in the fall.

“We want to have options for kids,” UISD Board President Judd Gilpin told Laredo Morning Times in October, when plans for the program were still preliminary. “To me, that’s the major point here.”

The oil and gas curriculum will consist of three courses available to students in grades nine through 12. It will be coordinated by the UISD career and technical education department.

With the Eagle Ford boom, district officials discovered many UISD graduates were heading into the oil patch anyway, so they figured they would offer courses that would supply them with the necessary skills for gaining employment in the industry.


  1. Mr. Cisneros, I'm sure there is a job for you if you want it. Unlike many other parts of the country and the state, the region has record low unemployment rates, and that is good news for families with head of households employed and making decent money.

  2. I can see the drop out rates rising in the near future. This is basically a one way ticket out of a high school diploma and away from a college education. Way to keep the populace dumb UISD.

  3. what are they gonna train high school kids to do next? to work at convergys or maybe at mami chulas?

  4. This is a great idea. Lets get them trained and earning some cash mits better than them selling drugs on the store to make ends meet. This is essentially the new "shop" class of yesteryear. Get with the program dude.

  5. A prime example of what could happen if you rely HEAVILY on one industry. Learn a little history and economics. Get with the program dude.